Why this Blog?

The purpose of creation of this new blog was to add all my work that will solely related to my DIY Solar and wind electricity generation system. I will also add here the adventure of my DIY micro-hydro turbine (PAT) unit that has been planned to be implemented in the beautiful Kalam valley. In the recent past i unintentionally got attraction toward the green energy and studied a lot about.

My last visit to Karachi home was the turning point to divert all my intentions and resources toward getting into hybrid solar+wind electricity system. The 12 hours shedding at Karachi was really a mental shock to me. The 2Hours alternate load shedding scheme was so pathetic that for three nights i had only 6 hours of sleep in total. The Starting/Stopping the generator (located at the third floor) was a real muscular exercise especially the last part of the night.

The ready made solution requires a handsome amount of money. Here i will post my DIY approach to get the job done considering the advantage of being low cost, worth of experience and as per my requirement and quality. I intend to work on both Solar and wind turbine simultaneously so that to give the relief to my family.

Lets see will i have success in this endeavor?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Improved Wiring

Here is the improved wiring of solar panel setup. One of the picture shows 300 watts output from solar panels being fed into the batteries.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

End of Episode-1

Truly speaking there is nothing in the world like a joy of accomplishment...The adventure i started almost a year ago ended up quite nicely... The target achieved was well-worth of experience with a steep learning curve... This endeavor encompasses many failures but i think their is no gain without learning from failures...

Yesterday i installed the solar system at my Karachi home and got the results as desired. Today when i sleep getting cool breeze of  Air-conditioner i can feel a bit of relief while thinking of my family at Karachi.
In near future i shall install six more panels on the same structure. This structure can withstand easily 12 solar panels total wattage up-to 1200Watts..

 The racks are under fabrication for holding the batteries and UPS stuff...