Why this Blog?

The purpose of creation of this new blog was to add all my work that will solely related to my DIY Solar and wind electricity generation system. I will also add here the adventure of my DIY micro-hydro turbine (PAT) unit that has been planned to be implemented in the beautiful Kalam valley. In the recent past i unintentionally got attraction toward the green energy and studied a lot about.

My last visit to Karachi home was the turning point to divert all my intentions and resources toward getting into hybrid solar+wind electricity system. The 12 hours shedding at Karachi was really a mental shock to me. The 2Hours alternate load shedding scheme was so pathetic that for three nights i had only 6 hours of sleep in total. The Starting/Stopping the generator (located at the third floor) was a real muscular exercise especially the last part of the night.

The ready made solution requires a handsome amount of money. Here i will post my DIY approach to get the job done considering the advantage of being low cost, worth of experience and as per my requirement and quality. I intend to work on both Solar and wind turbine simultaneously so that to give the relief to my family.

Lets see will i have success in this endeavor?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dual Axes SunTracker with Advanced Options

Finally i came up with the new efficient algorithm for the dual axes sun tracking system. The tracker is menu based , parameters can be set with 6-keys keypad with following functionalities:

1- Single Axis or Dual Axis control settings
2- 12VDC / 24V DC motor (windshield car motors etc) or Linear Actuator (Peak Current 10Amp)
3- PWM based motor controller. The PWM value is selectable from Menu.(0~100% duty cycle)
4- Return East Options (a- On Limit Switch stoppage based or -b- Time based)
5- User Selectable Tracking Delay
6- Load Sequencing management
7- Dark return Time setting
8- Twilight Time settings (after the twilight Dark return Time started)
9- RJ45 connectors for sensors
10- Sensors sensitivity settings
11- Highly efficient tracking Algorithm
12-Drive Off sun position setting
13-Easy menu driven parameters settings
14- Saving Parameters values in EEPROM
15-Compact and easy to install
16-Northern/Southern Hemisphere Compatible

LCD, Keypad and sensor:

I am still adding much more features as it is micro-controller driven..
Modular type:
1- Main Controller (Price Range 30~45 US dollar)
2- PWM DC Motor Controller (10 ~15 US dollar)
3- Sun Tracking sensors (single axis or dual axis) (5~10 US dollar)
4- 20x4 backlight LCD with control circuit ( 12~15 US dollar)
5- six Key keypad (2 US dollar)
6- Optional controller to sensor wiring